Are You Ready to Climb?

"Wanda, we were amazed at how much we accomplished with your help: got the type of clients we want, got the kind of projects we desire to have, have doubled or more our income!
Josh and Cecillia Barinstein

If you are your own boss, but you work long hours, don't take enough vacation, have a lot of stress... even if you do get paid well ... it's time to admit that you are working for a lousy boss! 

It doesn't have to be that way!
You can revamp your business so that it works. And when the business works, you can take not only a day or two days off but even a week or a month without risking going out of business!

Because then you have a business that works.
And your business works for you while YOU... can rest... or ... play!

"After every conversation with Wanda I walk away with a whole bunch of new, ready to implement ideas. Just one of them resulted in a contract worth about $64,000"


I will help you eliminate the true causes of your frustrations!
With my help as your personal business coach you will get rid of your time wasters -- you will maximize profit building strategies that will make your business highly profitable and very enjoyable, even fun at the same time. I will help you stay focused and I will be your sounding board. You will get my marketing help, feedback and inspiration -- it's like having a great business partner but keep all the profit!

We will start with your vision
With my help you will create a thorough description of the ideal scenario for your business and your life -- a vision consistent with your values. And a mission compelling you and others. With me as your coach you will accomplish more because I will help you think bigger.

You will identify profitable target market
Most of business owners try to conquer the world instead of concentrating on a specific segment of the market -- no wonder most of them fail!

"Working with you completely turned my business around. When we started in 1998 I had earned zero in July and $1,700 that August -- I now gross, on the average, $7,500/month. That is an increase of 783 percent.

Now I have a solid marketing program, a very effective web page, due in large to your excellent help, and a book which I would never have written without your encouragement (well, coercion :)  . "

Christopher Brooks

You will also define your ideal customer
This way you will be able to target your marketing to the people you truly want to do business with. I will help you become irresistibly attractive to the customer and client of your choice.

You will formulate your marketing advantage
It is also called USP (Unique Selling proposition). It describes the advantage of doing business with you. With my help you will develop the best ways to use it so, that it compels people to buy from you -- and only you!

You will use advertising that works
I will help you create advertising that generates response. But even more than this -- in addition I will save you money by suggesting alternative, less expensive solutions so that in the future you don't need to advertise at all!

You will develop a web site that works
I'm involved in electronic marketing since 1987. The Internet changed my life and in the process made me one of the "top authorities on the subject". One of my sites was selected as one of the Ten Best Women Owned Small Business Web Sites. I can help you a lot in this area...

"Before I started with Wanda's success coaching program I knew next to nothing about marketing on the internet. Two months later I'm very comfortable and can see my whole vision coming together.

She's like the cover photo of a jigsaw puzzle box -- she shows you how to put the jumbled pieces together to make something beautiful (that includes being profitable!). If you'd like the equivalent of having a good friend who is an expert internet marketer, go with Wanda. Her personal meta-tags should be integrity, caring and over-delivery."

Tom Hanson, Ph.D.

You will develop a steady stream of referrals
Imagine working only with people who respect your knowledge and truly appreciate your suggestions! It is easier than you think if you implement my systems, including referral strategies.

"Dear Wanda, You are truly a genius! Referrals are building our business beautifully. Your "People Farm" is the best marketing too, but nobody but you seems to be teaching it"

Bill Kappele -

You will use leverage in your business
You will learn how to spend as little as possible from your hard earned dollars with powerful partnerships, affiliate programs and endorsements. Sadly, most people are not even aware of the resources they are wasting!

I will teach you to systemize your business so that IT works.
Even when you rest or play!

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